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Common Questions and Concerns

Do I Need To Pre-Register?

You will receive a text or an email to login to the Patient Portal. Completing this process ahead of time will facilitate the admitting process.

Pre-op Instructions

  • Your doctor’s office will call you and tell you when to report to the center. Anesthesia may call you the night before to go over your medical history, if they don’t call you, they will speak to you prior to your procedure.
  • Do NOT eat or drink after midnight unless otherwise instructed by your anesthesiologist.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, if your having a sinus procedure, please wear a button down or zip up shirt, to avoid the surgical area. If you have any body piercing or jewelry please remove them prior to your arrival to the center.
  • Children may wear their pajamas, we will change them into a surgical gown for the procedure. They may bring a comfort item such as a blanket or a toy.
  • Please make sure you have a responsible adult to take you home after surgery, you are not permitted to drive.
  • (for FEMALES only) Please do not use the restroom prior to seeing the pre-op nurse, you may need to provide a urine sample day of surgery.
  • If you take any medication for your heart, blood pressure or seizure medications normally in the morning, you may take it with a small sip of water as soon as you wake up.
  • Adult patient may have one person in preop/recovery area. Pediatric patients may have both parents, no siblings.
  • (for MINORS only) A parent or guardian must remain in the facility while the child is at the center.
  • (Only if not registered) please make sure you log into the patient portal to complete all documents needed for your procedure.
  • Please bring a picture ID, insurance card, or other required documents (scan CD, copies of any labs, xrays, or clearance requested by your doctor). Your copay, if any, will be collected upfront at your time of procedure.

How many people are allowed to be with me on my surgery day?

To maximize the comfort of all visitors, adult patients can be accompanied by only one person. You should arrange for an adult relative or a friend to stay with you for the first night following your surgery. We will not send you home in an Uber or Public transportation if you don’t have an accompanying adult to ride home with you. However, we do welcome both parents of the pediatric patient to remain throughout surgery. It would be better if siblings did not accompany any pediatric patients for health and safety reasons.

I’m feeling sick and my surgery is coming up, should I proceed with my surgery?

If you experience any health changes between your most recent visit to your surgeon and the day of the surgery, notify your surgeon. Please report even minor changes, such as elevated temperature, cough, cold, or a recent diagnosis of COVID.

Why can’t I eat or drink anything after midnight?

Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications and your surgery is likely to be postponed or cancelled if you forget to follow this instruction.

What medications should I take in the morning of my surgery?

If you take any medication for your heart, blood pressure or seizure medications normally in the morning, you may take it with a small sip of water as soon as you wake up. All other medications, you may discuss with the anesthesiologist.

Why do I need to come in 1 hour before my surgery?

This allows time for admitting and preoperative preparations. You will also be asked to sign a few documents. If you are an adult, another adult can accompany you in the preoperative area. Both parents are allowed to be with the pediatric patient in the preoperative area.

What happens after my surgery?

After surgery, you will be moved to our recovery room where you will remain under observation by the anesthesiologist and our recovery room nurses until you are ready to go home. Once you are stable, the nurse will bring in the responsible adult taking you home to give home instructions. Most patients are discharged 1 hour after surgery, it also depends on your procedure, and recovery status.

My child is scheduled for surgery. Are there special arrangements for pediatric patients?

Before Surgery
Feel free to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal or security blanket as this can provide a great source of comfort. Parents are allowed to stay with the child in the preoperative area before surgery

During Surgery
Remember, a parent or legal guardian needs to be with the child throughout the day of surgery, so we ask that you not leave the surgery center during your child’s stay, even while the child is in surgery. Please stay in this area, because your child’s surgeon will look for you there when the surgery is over. We will make every effort to reunite you with your child as soon as possible after surgery.

After Surgery
After the surgery, your child will go to the recovery room, sometimes called the peri-anesthesia care unit (PACU). You’ll go to this room to be with your child after he wakes up. The PACU staff will escort you to this room when your child is stable. For health and safety reasons, only parents can be with your child while in PACU.

What precautions should I take at home after my surgery?

Your surgical team will provide post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest, and medications. The center will provide you with a written summary of these instructions.

Since it is normal to feel drowsy after receiving an anesthetic, we also recommend that you postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

• Driving and operating equipment
• Signing important papers or making significant decisions
• Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or taking any drug without your physician’s order

If you have any unexpected problems, please call your surgeon. A nurse from the center will contact you within a few days after your surgery to check your progress and answer any questions you may have.