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Infection Prevention

Each patient is provided with information on infection prevention. The best ways to prevent a surgical site infection are the following: Wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer, particularly after smoking, eating and bath rooming. Encourage those who care for you to wash their hand or use a hand sanitizer.
If you are going to have an incision please wash the area the night before with soap and water and a germicidal solution sold as Chlohexadine Gluconate (ChG). Keep your incision clean and dry. Usually the physician will instruct you not to change the dressing until your next visit with the doctor.
Never shave a surgical site prior to surgery.


ENTSC is contracted with almost all insurance companies. By contract each insurance company requires the center to collect any deductibles, co pays or co-insurance payments. We will estimate this prior to your day of surgery and inform you as to what your financial responsibility might be. We will work with you financially to facilitate your surgical experience.
ENTSC also accepts cash payment for those without insurance. You may call for a cash quote.


We are proud that our physicians are also owners of our center. However, if you ever feel that your care is questionable due to the ownership issues please do not hesitate to talk to the administrator of the center about it.


Pre-Registration is required at the surgery center. Typically we ask patients to report no more than 1 hour prior to the planned start of their surgery. The physician’s scheduler should give you a report time the day before surgery. All paperwork is taken care of at the time of registration.

Our outstanding Nurses are the best in Las Vegas . We understand that surgery can be an overwhelming experience for everyone involved. Our staff will minimize confusion and provide you with straightforward answers regarding diagnosis, treatment, and detailed follow up care instructions.
All of our RN’s have ACLS and PALS certification.

We offer state-of-the-art technology that will help lead you down the path to good health. ENTSC provides the following surgeries; (Ear Tubes), Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Sinus Surgery, Nasal Surgery, Cochlear Implants, Ear Surgery such as Tympanoplasty, and Mastoidectomy, Thyroid Lobectomy, Parathyroidectomy, micro-laryngoscopy, excision of masses of neck and dental procedures.

When you or a loved one has to make a trip to our surgery center, every minute can feel like an hour. Our team of physicians, surgeons, and staff is one of the best in Las Vegas. We treat each patient with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Learn more about what our Surgery Center does to ensure that our patients are treated with the highest standard of care.

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ENTSC is a Surgery Center that has been providing convenient, affordable surgery in Las Vegas since 2015. It was specifically designed by our physcians to meet the needs of Same Day Patients scheduled to have ENT surgery.

ENTSC medical facilities combine state-of -the-art technology with patient-centered design. A trip to a surgery center can be worrisome, but with our skilled staff you will be under professional care with our physicians.  Our facilities meet the highest and strictist standards of cleanliness and sterility in the industry.

Our Waiting Area offers a warm environment that fosters innovation, strives for excellence, nurtures respect for others, and ensures accountability in delivering world-class care to our patients. Complimentary water, coffee, cokes, magazines, and TV are available.

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